We Don’t Just Do Multifamily

It’s extremely likely that you have heard of Reg Narmour – the “Godfather” of multifamily in Charlotte.

In 1973 Reg Narmour moved to Charlotte and capitalized on the growth of the “New South”. Reg came to Charlotte from Texas to open a multi-family architectural practice in conjunction with a developer at that time, Paragon. That move changed the trajectory of Reg’s career as well as the future of multi-family architecture in Charlotte. Over the next twenty-five years he grew his regional architectural practice, the Reg Narmour Architectural Group, with offices in five cities from Virginia to Florida. His firm became the leader in housing, adaptive reuse, and infill development in the mid-Atlantic southeast. Today, nearly every multi-family architecture firm in the region can be traced back to roots that originated with Reg Narmour.

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For years NarmourWright has been branded as the architecture firm that does multifamily. That’s only partially true. Over the years NarmourWright Architecture has grown into more than just a multifamily firm. We continue to design commercial, mixed-use, adaptive reuse and community projects throughout the region.

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We also attribute our clients, with whom we have long-standing relationships, for our growth. Those relationships helped diversify our work along with their growing development needs. That being said, it may be difficult to see a brand when looking at our extensive portfolio of work. That’s because our design is result of serving our clients, our brand is one of quality and context specific to each project. We apply this same creative design process to all of our projects regardless of scale, scope or building type. Our design ability has always been a distinguishing factor for our company.

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While NarmourWright Architecture got its start in multifamily, the company has grown into more than just a multifamily design firm over the last 45 years. We still consider ourselves to be specialists in that field including; luxury, affordable, high rise, condos, townhouses and urban infill. As we have grown, we have brought in fresh talent and new ways of working, allowing us to provide a broader variety of talents and services. In that way we continue to hone & diversify our team’s abilities within an ever-changing profession.