Congratulations, Michael!

Michael Stephenson, NarmourWright’s (NWA) lead construction administrator, has been elected for his second term as part of the Building Development Commission (BDC). Michael was nominated by the Greater Charlotte Apartment Association (GCAA).

The Building Development Commission reviews, advises and makes recommendations to the Board and Code Enforcement. To learn more about the significant matters that impact the design and construction community that the BDC discusses and resolves, view the quarterly newsletter here.

Why is the BDC important to Mecklenburg County? The BDC allows our industry the opportunity to have a forum in which to communicate our concerns and present our feedback in a structured manner to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to effect change within the profession. By allowing a member of our design community into the BDC, Michael becomes the spokesperson for not only NarmourWright, but our industry. Michael brings extensive experience along with a particular perspective to the BDC to collaboratively problem solve with fellow members. Through these efforts NWA has continued to strengthen its relationships with the local jurisdiction as well as our expertise in the industry.

Congratulations, Michael on your second term with the BDC!