In The Know: ARE 5.0

While attending the AIA National Convention in Orlando, NarmourWright began what developed into an ongoing conversation about mentorship within the industry and the way that the available resources were being utilized for the new ARE 5.0, which went into effect earlier this year. Our feedback was well received and as a result NarmourWright was enlisted as a consultant to work with the publishing company, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., to set up a navigation document to help candidates studying for the Architectural Registration Exams (ARE). NarmourWright currently had several employees actively studying to take the ARE 5.0 exams who volunteered some of their time to help Wiley identify relevant sections of the book, Architectural Handbook of Professional Practice. This book contains a wealth of information and is well over one thousand pages. The purpose was to identify the relevant information for the ARE exams in a book that is also used as a resource within the profession. Not only were the pertinent sections of the book identified but we associated them with the new ARE 5.0 test sections and created a road map that color coded each section.

Pairing the objectives set out by NCARB for each of the six exams, Wiley tasked us with finding the important areas in the book that any candidate could directly go to in order to read about that topic, rather than having to read and absorb the entire book. We identified topics of significant importance and which sections address the overriding concept as well as supporting and/or clarifying information. The result will serve as a road map of the book, to help readers maneuver through the book per the six divisions of the ARE 5.0; Practice Management, Project Management, Construction & Evaluation, Programming & Analysis, Project Planning & Design and Project Development & Documentation.

We were very excited to see the final product which Wiley recently shared with us, and we think it will serve folks seeking licensure! Mentorship is a big component of NarmourWright’s company culture and this is simply one more aspect of those efforts to develop our own young professionals as well as those within the industry. Below is a snapshot of what the document looks like for one of the divisions as well as links to the ARE 5.0 roadmap documents. Click below to download the actual documents (PDF) that resulted from our collaboration with Wiley. Please use our contact form to provide any feedback you may have. We’d love to hear how you use these documents, if this impacts your studying or if you feel it helped you pass a section of the exam. In the meantime, happy studying to those in the midst of taking the ARE!

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